Working together makes us stronger

For the first time, all suppliers of direct material for Embraco Europe were invited to Spisska Nova Ves, Slovakia. On November 15, 2016, the first-ever Supplier Day was organized there.

Why this event? Working together is more and more important in the current business environment. In fact, it is more important than ever to guarantee the long term sustainability in business. “We believe that the win-win relationship established between your companies and Embraco, has already brought many mutual benefits,“ said Stefan Leibiczer, European procurement manager of Embraco.

There were 77 participants from 52 companies attending, coming from China, England, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Turkey, Hungary, Czechia and Slovakia.

The agenda

Presentations started with the overview of European plants. Production volumes, customer introduction and segment trends were featured.

Market Update was presented by Luisa Redini, of Marketing Intelligence Europe. She talked about current trends impacting refrigeration industry, about market shares in all continents, main market drivers and how Embraco works to meet the trends in order to reach breakthrough targets.


For instance, continuous investment in Research & Development (R&D), new technologies and cost-out activities are aimed at achieving the most complete product portfolio to answer Customer needs in future challenges.

R&D presentation by Peter Janecko highlighted an important opportunity for suppliers: their early involvement during product development to optimize new design innovations.

The factors here include technology leadership, planning and strategy in order to shape the future global scenario.

Compressor and refrigerator are getting an important position, mostly in terms of understanding on the part of customers, refrigerant agencies, end users and society in general.

Ecology first

A very important driver is the EU F-Gas regulation. Hydrocarbon refrigerants are seen as the most sustainable choice for the future, with emphasis on global efforts of climate change mitigation. Embraco offers a complete range of products designed for R290 and for HFC transitory solutions. However, there are still legislative barriers for larger use of HC’s and A2L’s.

Embraco continues to provide solutions for household and light commercial refrigeration equipment to improve their energy efficiency. The company also supports customers in the transition path toward low GWP (Global Warming Potential) future refrigerants by evaluation of intermediate synthetic blends.

Transformation & WCM

European plants play a vital role in Embraco corporation. This is to achieve the position of the preferred supplier of compressors worldwide by 2020. To that end, the company has embarked on the way of Transformation, striving to be a simple, innovative and customer-centric company.

The Japan-devised World Class Manufacturing (WCM) makes a difference. This system, designed to reduce losses to the minimum, entails developing and implementing best manufacturing practices and increasing the competitiveness of the productive system for the benefit of Embraco and its final customers.

The close cooperation is essential. Materials requirements and its impacts are examined in detail. Good knowledge about the function of component and its application conditions is vital to prevent failures.

To this end, Embraco and its suppliers apply measurement rules, capability requirements, etc. since the beginning. System of WCM supplier monitoring proves a comprehensive, multifunctional tool.

 In WCM Logistics And Customer Service Pillar of Supplier Management, supply chain overview is applied – including material flow, information flow and planning. The purpose of Supplier Service Management is to define a prioritized list of suppliers and components that needs improvement. Other tools include Returnable Packaging Implementation and Vehicle Planning System.


“Contribute to Embraco leadership everywhere by providing world class supplier base in sustainable way.”

Embraco is on its way to world class supplier base. Doing it sustainable way means providing results through procurement excellence in a way that will position us for even better results achievement in the future. It also entails balancing economical, environmental and social impacts in supply chain. In this regard, Supplier Excellence workshops based on Porsche Consulting methodology are proving fruitful.

Our supplier performance is improving year by year but there still is a way to go reaching expected levels.

The event at Spisska Nova Ves Metropol Hotel was greeted with resounding success. The supplier representatives highlighted the opportunity to meet their Embraco counterparts in informal environment and the chance to learn about the company in the context of fluid, yet turbulent, world market.